Nothing. Look around and you’ll always find something. I was told that, few years ago there was nothing but nothing and nothing alone. How sad nothing would have been when it looked around to find nothing? Lonely life, poor soul. It stayed the same for eternity as time still hadn’t attained maturity, everything seemed the... Continue Reading →



An Introvert's guide to getting close to someone. They are everywhere, silent, staring across the room for few seconds and continuing their book marathon, the character in it isn’t what it seemed like few minutes back; reality or fantasy? Of course, fantasy. A longing to be a part of fantasy exists inside everyone’s mind, some... Continue Reading →


I feel it's a pleasure to share my thoughts, which presently is going "Men are fucking morons". I may not be wrong but I haven't taken into account about all the situations that make our gender superior, may be because there aren't any. I still feel perplexed knowing about everything we'd done, because explanations can... Continue Reading →


I’m brown. I’m fat, well obese. I am plain inside, blank like mind of a new-born baby, silent and surreal, just that I seem simple. I wish I was part of my roots, like many of my friends, starting from underneath, basic and growing on it. I am more of stem than roots, more skin... Continue Reading →


  Shimmering sun-rays glaze through those shining windows as you slowly unveil your blanket from your face, listening to birds’ chirp, go outside to have a look at the conversation of blooming flowers in their floral language, look up to see clouds dance around, hip-hop style, even the cream on top of your coffee makes pleasant... Continue Reading →


Nine months of care, love, affection, stressful hours on bed all comes down to this very day, this very minute  crunching teeth, tightly held fist, face turning more and more red, screaming and shouting due to contraction, how you wish you could just get rid of it. Oh god! How peaceful it was a year... Continue Reading →


WELL.... I just realized something that is quite bewildering. Stuff like these I share it with Gohan, Uh, he’s a nice friend, people call him imaginary. He is not, I can see him in front of me trying hard to listen to whatever I say, (okay not a Fight Club rip off), he’s the person... Continue Reading →


We all blame them. Well-being humans, we ought to, it’s like in our inbuilt instinctive nature to blame. Others. How else can we satiate our guilt? Well we can’t blame ourselves, that’d be stupid. HA. Also, we believe there must be a reason to everything and that reason might be a human or at least... Continue Reading →


They call me a fierce thing, I prefer revenge. Revenge not because I'm weak and don't know how to react, I just feel it's better to stop anything sooner than later, you know saves a lot of trouble for my master. They call me impure, grey. I prefer blue. I am what I am because... Continue Reading →

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