WaterThey call me a fierce thing, I prefer revenge. Revenge not because I’m weak and don’t know how to react, I just feel it’s better to stop anything sooner than later, you know saves a lot of trouble for my master.

They call me impure, grey. I prefer blue. I am what I am because of them. I didn’t tell you to dive through my thoughts and kill everything that forms a part of me, I was silent. Simple molecule but astounding power.

Spread across many lands, surrounding all the sky, I really wish you’d call me with better description than tasteless or colourless liquid. I gave you my soul when your tongue went dry and your mind went blank.

I filled the world and lived through all of life, it was freedom and well in my world I was known for being the extrovert. You bottled me up. Crushed it at the end like you did to my hopes and dreams as the last drop of me gets squeezed and it’s nature of being smooth and spherical dies. You kill me and we give you life, we kill you and that’s a crime? So much gratitude, So much love.

I am even in the tears you cry out when you see people suffering from drought. I am everywhere. I am cursed when I let myself out and swim across lands with joy, cursed when I am hurt by your presence and hardly come down, floating around in the clouds, searching for lands that love me.

I am not desperate for love, just shocked by your actions. I am not depressed, I am just empty, I don’t need love, all I need is a little bit of gratitude and a place to lie down quietly. Calm and clean. Neat and Peaceful. Away from you and your needs.

I am not a little kid, though I might act like one. I want you to tell me I make this world better not because I do, just because I deserve it. Shining pearls, beautiful rainbows, delicate ice, useful clay. Forget these and blame me for crying or flying away. How could you do this?

I hope there comes a day when you’ll fight for my sake, filled with wars, rage and frustration and for a second there appears a flash in your mind of the time you made me slip out of a bottle or the time you made my soul ugly with your belongings, I hope that thought of past will strike you. As I said, the sooner, the better. – Yours sincerely, Water.



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