We all blame them. Well-being humans, we ought to, it’s like in our inbuilt instinctive nature to blame. Others. How else can we satiate our guilt? Well we can’t blame ourselves, that’d be stupid. HA. Also, we believe there must be a reason to everything and that reason might be a human or at least like human, probably more powerful, if not then AT LEAST invisible. Who created everything we see? Uh someone must have! Okay God or whatever. What is responsible for our life, conscious self? Something must be, oh Soul! Yes, how clever are we! we have answers to anything, well doesn’t matter if it’s right, obviously! but Hell Yeah! We have answers. Yes, so there must be a reason we try to, uh no, want to give for everything. Yeah like except if it provokes you to question your own reasoning then NO! Then reasons are bunch of stupid ideas our stupid minds made up. Yes, this is like the character built since our childhood, like your brother ate up the cake not you, the teacher failed to teach you in a clear way, your parents forced you to take up science, and the list goes on, we find a way to blame, it’s a talent and of course a necessity.   Sometimes it gets too far like imagine a life of this young lively individual, let’s name him A. Well Mr. X is too cliche. So, well uh his wonderful birth was supposed to be a mistake, let’s leave that aside, then this accident happens, a process called growing up. In the process, he carries within him an apprehension of himself, lively, cheerful well looks decent, funny, not the class topper but well believed to be smart. Well, as I said he grew up.

A: I’m loving it! Every moment, can it get any better? With all the difficulties of evolution beyond all catastrophes I’m part of this beautiful world filled with amazing people!

Life: Oh! Uh! Just wait! Well what do you think about yourself?

A: I’m good looking, funn…

Life: Oh, guess what? You are not.

A:  No! Look at me, I am not that ba…

People: Bro, looks isn’t your strength, is it?

A: Well It was indeed part of my strengths, until now….

People: Ugliness defines you

A: huh?

Life: Spoke to the amazing people? Hey, you told that you thought you were funny, right?

A: It seemed like it.

Life: Wait😊

People: Bro, for Christ sake stop the lame shit!

A: It wasn’t, okay…

People: You try too hard, that’s nice! But please stop.

A: Uh! What’s happening?

Life: The truth. Oh, you thought you were smart! That’s right, totally forgot about that! Well you aren’t gonna be that.

A: Hey see not the smartes…

Parents: You didn’t pass JEE? Then my dreams of IIT! Oh my God

Friends: Bro, could have done better, exam was easy, well at least for us.

Top engineering colleges: Well better luck next time.

A: Okay is there something called love, somewhere? A bit?

People: Stop craving for love outside, love yourself! Such desperate! Poor soul!

A: Sure, you made me love myself!

A: Uh things are getting out of hand, at least let me quit.

Life: Hey, you can’t ditch me like that! There’s more to come, stay!!

People: What a weak mind, poor soul! You can’t just give up, you’re so stupid!

A: Well thanks! That helped.


Okay so I ended his story there, before he ends it himself. This is happening to over millions of teens out there, grownups too sometimes. That’s because we are a group of millennial wanting to be loved, appreciated, cared for, it seems so silly but it’s true. The generation is changing, well not sure if it’s for the betterment but well it’s changing. Every bit of appreciation matters. The whole write-up may appear silly, that’s how everything here appears to be, unfortunately. The whole point being we’ll blame. We’ll blame “A” and others like him. We can’t explain their actions; how else can we satiate our guilt? All the force that affects them is from society, but come on as if we have time! A 9-5 job, then taking care of our family, convincing our children to become like us, follow the tradition of our ancestors, hey, we’re busy.

We can’t blame them for their actions, completely. They were determined, unlike us who are in the constant state of dilemma all day and night to take the step or not, they didn’t have false hopes about the future but chose to feel nothing over pain. If you feel the same, then you can’t blame them, any day feeling nothing is better over pain, you can’t blame them entirely because you’ll never know what they felt before they died. Well not that you care of, just saying. So, next time you meet someone who are in the same state of A, try to appreciate whatever that’s left in them than to dissolve whatever that’s left in them, you can blame all you want forever after checking their tape, trying to satiate the guilt of being one among the 13 reasons. sui


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