I just realized something that is quite bewildering. Stuff like these I share it with Gohan, Uh, he’s a nice friend, people call him imaginary. He is not, I can see him in front of me trying hard to listen to whatever I say, (okay not a Fight Club rip off), he’s the person trying to live the life, tells the things that he wants to, cool guy. (Well okay, not exactly a Fight Club rip off). So yeah, we discuss matters ranging from cupcakes to the cosmos, screenplay of short movies to street food. Most of the times our view of the arguments differ, perspectives you see. Well now I was thinking about something interesting and stupid. Yea so obviously, he too was thinking about something interesting and stupid. So, we know that there were these science-y stuffs that happened leading to creation of life, like uh comets, asteroids fell, star died giving away elements, there were these nice conditions leading to formation of small unicellular organisms, then years of evolution into us humans. Either this or there was Adam and Eve, the latter ate a fruit listening to a snake, and then rest was history. Okay on a serious note, there were lot of cool Science-y stuffs that happened.

Then Civilizations, religions created, and lot of other activities, colonization too. Slowly things changed. It was inevitable. It had to happen, may be. Well then this really cool thing called society started, it’s the group that judges you if you hug a girl but will enjoy their popcorn in silence when there’s a poor girl being raped, oh come on if you are doing something always do without consent, that’s the Universal rule of Stupidity! Well obviously, it was her mistake, such short skirt, such shitty cultured, you think society would lend in an extra piece of clothing to cover or Um….teach boys about behavior? of course not, that’s taboo in the present world, if you can’t find the solution to a problem, blame the victim. Give them reason to blame the criminals or be the person to be blamed. Follow the rules kid. Society is sometimes weird, it’s quite strange how a unique individual’s mindset gets all distorted and well, change drastically in a group, socio-psychology of an individual makes him stick to his ideals way more when he remains an individual. Gohan agrees too, one thing that we agree upon, Society is the greatest delusion causing chemical in mankind, it’ll always be. Consider this, the person most interested in you since birth except your parents and your dog is your neighbor. Interest is just a pseudo emotion that is masking curiosity, care is just an outline of curiosity, like the creamy layer on your coffee, you can just discard that and all you’ll have is a bitter drink that’s so empty, okay may be bad analogy, coffee is beautiful. Yes, so the interest in your life is mostly after your parents is the neighborhood, they know what you are doing, every minute, every second, they are the Gods in disguise, but wait for it.

So, evolution of society itself took place now they’ve decided on certain aspects of everyone’s lives, that’s how it is. We are all robots following the code programmed by the society, we do as we are supposed to, just like amoeba, or bacteria or ice crystals that melts according to laws of thermodynamics or the ant that’s in search of the sugar crystal, we all are programmed to do whatever we are doing, in this sense evolution of free-will is just an illusion that we perceive. The society made certain rules that on the hindsight seems ridiculous, I’m not saying that it’s wrong, just that it’s totally stupid. Think about it. We are born and sent to a place where we surrounded by other immature civilians of our age, are taught by so-called mature civilians about numbers and letters which we had no idea supposed to help us survive, so far so good.  Then this concept of tests happens, questions that supposedly describe how you are in the class, your rank, your status, your power. Then you are segregated depending on whatever you score, irrespective of what unspoken talent you might have hidden inside, an artist, singer, dancer, choreographer, writer, cricket player, all of these aspirants in one room are given the same paper having equal number of questions with equal weights (Bias nature is something that’s never seen in the society, or is it?) in physics, mathematics and chemistry that they might never use in their entire life, strange? It gets worse. After the rank or status has been impartially distributed, we are given a freedom to choose, finally! Sense of relief. Oh, choice between subjects that you hate the most or the subjects you hate? If you are trying to think independent you might as well start working leaving your dreams aside because independent thinking is an illusion according to the society, it must be invisible, it’s dangerous, gives you ideas that are against their rules, makes you not believe in Adam and Eve story, makes you realize, makes you free, no one wants that. We then are given jobs, under someone else, follow rules there, program and be programmed. Raise a family, kids, there’s no question of choice, you are supposed to, so you are. You then raise the kids and make them follow the rules so that they continue. I finish at this and Gohansociety_tcm100-930831 tries to add some more. From his perspective, all the cool Science-y stuffs that happened with immense difficulties came to this abrupt end, all the billions of cells do their job to create a magnificent human who’s following rules and living 70 years of hell, surrounded by hatred and jealousy. We all are under control, and hopefully someday we’ll be free, free to walk on the smooth sandy beaches across the world, look at the full moon as the tides touch your feet as you imagine what would the world have become if Eve hadn’t eaten the fruit.



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