I feel it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts, which presently is going “Men are fucking morons”. I may not be wrong but I haven’t taken into account about all the situations that make our gender superior, may be because there aren’t any. I still feel perplexed knowing about everything we’d done, because explanations can never justify the actions, we weren’t criminals, (not all), we were just stupid. It’s perplexing because I am not able to comprehend the root cause of the entire discrimination. Until apes, we were good, then something happened, we started realizing. Well the only difference we can actually make out is, there’s interchange of flats and humps. (Can’t make it anymore decent holding on to the precision). Well probably, evolution wise we were physically powerful, they were mentally like for example they stayed home giving birth, while we went to hunt. That tradition continues, they can fuck your mind up, all we can do is beat the crap out of anything we get (Come on, we all know physical strength supersedes mental strength). Any layman if he is inquisitive (this characteristic is hypothetical now) would wonder what was God doing all this while when there was discrimination, harassment, rape, etc. Where was he? Well the only explanation would be that he should be a man too, well guess what? He is. He can’t go against his own sex to defend women, oh my god! That is such a defeat to a man’s ego. That’s how the concept of God being a Man got originated, our superiority didn’t just stay in the urge to become a leader (or not allowing the other sex to vote for us to be the leader) but also beyond the sky. If we reached the ultimate, no one can question our actions, God the omniscient himself is a man, you are a “dick-less” being with sensitive skin and soft voice, you can’t out win us in the race for superiority, uh-huh never. Everything seems such a well-defined made up bullshit story that ever exists. We started exploring, realizing, and wanted to feel superior. We started dominating the other sex (or whoever looked different from us) and created an imaginary being of our own gender supposedly having powers to create or destroy the world, he created everything, including principles of religions which state how a woman should behave, everything he made up. Of course we can’t question or change it, so fucking follow. That’s it, that’s how the whole world evolved, we listened to idiots who made us believe in their common imaginary friend, and in short we lived by following rules of few paranoid idiots. Do you get it? Evolution of mankind was by listening to assholes who are living to feel superior, have a position, power (now money), who are retarded (Oh, no hard language! okay mentally disabled). Then the concept of society happened, the principles were continued, discrimination persisted. It so happened that the majority were males and the rules put up by the society followed traditions, religious principles which in turn were laid out by men. I am not telling every bit told by them is wrong, it’s just that most of that is stupid. For example consider a life of a middle-class Indian girl may be in the 20th century. (Some of this is applicable to 21st century too).

It’s her birth and well the family isn’t as happy as they should be, she’s a girl. Which gives them more responsibility than usual. First of all she’s considered the weaker sex, which might be offensive but true, (again, they aren’t weak, they are considered weak). When you think about it, it’s the pseudo-fact that’s spread all across. We consider “pussy” to be a metaphor for weak, ironical, it gets like 7 billion people out of it. While small flick to the balls can get a man down, but no whoaaa “balls” are powerful. So, then the girl grows up, she attains the age of taboo, in other words, puberty. There are changes. Changes that she can’t talk about in open. In short, she gets horny and also she bleeds. Tough times. Periods are tough, you are freaking bleeding and on top of that everything around you seems annoying as hell, it might be people or the sky or whatever, it’s annoying. Well then you try to talk to your mom about it, she says that’s how it is, (a truly satisfying answer) and also that it’s God’s will, he makes everything and everything’s for good, bullshit. Well fine, you feel like asking him itself, you go to his place, the temple, oh no you fucking can’t. “No, No you can’t come in here, you are bleeding”. But you gave it to me in the first place! “Yeahh……. But yuck no! You can’t come near me, shooooo”      What? Why? “Oh, Oh you are impure, well you can come after that shit’s over.”  It’s true. We are told that we all are created by him in one image, which I guess is a blurred 2.5MP image taken without flash when it’s raining, also edited to have sexist, racist, misogynist features.

Then you are horny, you go to masturbate. Oh my god, NO! Masturbation is a touchy subject. You control your hormones until they die. It’s a taboo and you’ll go to hell, but weren’t the hormones and our every feeling put into us in the first place for a reason by an all-knowing guy? Well we are just going against his will if we don’t use it to the full potential. So why not touch ourselves? We can’t. Why not? Well God knows!

Time flies by, you tend to put on weight. It’s late already, wasting time on education, why should women learn? What if they become aware of all the discrimination and create groups called “Feminists” and fight against us, whoa we don’t want that. Or what if they want to work instead of being in the kitchen! Shit, then we must reduce the pay also, complications arise. Let’s just end their education and get them married! Brilliant. Marriages are loved by all, well except the ones who are getting married. They bring families, people together. Is the guy a stranger? Yes. You actually were told that you can love! You were excited, yes you can love, any guy from the list of guys whom your parents choose, after marriage.

Then they want this thing from you, it’s called children. Babies are lovely, supposed to be. It’s interesting to note how the process of making babies is not talked about but if you don’t get a baby on time, you are blamed. It’s always like that, the process never matters, only the result. We can’t talk about sex, but babies, everybody loves ‘em. Hypocrites. Well you are cursed again if the baby is a girl, different issue. It’s annoying to be a woman, I agree, of course you do get privileges too, few out of those are the ones you actually need, we are focusing on the wrong things, instead of privileges the different approach to bring up a girl child might help. Seems stupid when it comes from a lazy ass teenager who knows nothing but think about it. Privileges (Some of them) will only prove that you are weak which is not the point, if the equality must exist then the way we are bought up must be similar, it’s a long run, seems impractical but not impossible. Till that time is reached, get back to your house before 8 in the evening, because there are people out there who will have sex with you without your consent and don’t bother killing you, and you know why you aren’t able to resist? Because men are stupid, while you are bought up weak, since birth you are stuck inside your house with lack of exposure which makes you more vulnerable, you are not allowed to go out making you weaker which causes more rapes, no one wants to change anything, they just want to talk.

 We all just talk.         



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