Did we die even before we start to live? All the chemicals thought just to be hormones were actually living microbes swimming in our minds, whenever we don’t want them to move about, they try butterfly strokes pushing each other and trying to race. They weren’t trying to win anything, or probably they did, trying... Continue Reading →


The change that you never desire.   They used to but they don’t anymore. All the sharing, love, friendship, time for each other, bonding, closeness, annoying but cute texts and silly but funny fights, everything that was part of your life, just flew past you within a blink of an eye. You can still see... Continue Reading →


We all are in a prison. Every morning  you get up, pee and run to have some coffee, you gotta rush as usual. Freedom locked up, smiles are bolted down deep inside. When it was you as a child, freedom was all you knew, rolling over the mud, getting hit by tennis balls, you were... Continue Reading →


Isn't it crazy how you just enter my life and decide my day while I am still trying to defy gravity on my bed, tightly wound under the thick blue blanket which appears black like the thoughts I have? I was smitten with love, such beautiful feeling but oh wait! You had to join too!... Continue Reading →

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